Mites and Farthings

I was thinking…

Actually, what I was thinking was, “What were they thinking?!”

Today, while doing some research on the value of the coins in Mark 12:42 (i.e. the “widow’s mites”), I ran across this from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English:

And one poor widow came and cast in two minas that were shemonas.

Minas. Shemonas. Nope. Can’t have much “plainer” English than that!

And they weren’t even minas. A mina was a good bit of money. These coins were leptons.

Meanwhile, last year someone found an old Roman coin in the UK which was currently valued at over a million dollars. Should the widow have hung on to those two leptons for her heirs?



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From San Diego, CA. I've been a missionary and Bible translator in the Philippines for over 30 years and have travelled as a language learning consultant to 15 countries. I play piano and guitar. I write, read voraciously and love to work on word puzzles. Married for 35 years, we have two daughters and two grandchildren.
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3 Responses to Mites and Farthings

  1. Ranveig says:

    Hi Sir!!

    I am currently investigating the currency from ancient times through the Bible. And to fully understand Mark 12:42, about the poor widow, and how much she gave, I came to the conclution that it had to have been Lepta(in my Greek bible), or Leptons. This was the smallest of the smallest of money.

    I am a Norwegian, currently living in California.

    Thanks for your post!


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