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Well, I had great intentions. You know how those work… or don’t work, rather. I was going to write a blog every week even though I couldn’t get on-line to send it, then send ’em all when we got to town.

We-eeeell… here’s the blog. I’m writing it now, once we’re in town. Hmmm. Anyway, it’s been a crazy couple of months, to be sure.

Finishing up the major construction and repairs on our house was a welcome milestone, I’ll admit. It’s hard working physically in this climate… hard having one unexpected repair or disaster come to light after another… hard having no Home Depot or Lowe’s a couple blocks away (in fact nothing but small local hardware stores way WAY far away and someone else having to buy your supplies for you) …hard having to wait weeks until the next cargo flight when you need something today. But mostly hard since I feel I’m here to finish the translation of God’s Word and all these other jobs seem like interruptions. Distractions. Delays. Too bad God knew about them all along and wants to teach me stuff. Guess I don’t really like being “taught things.” I um… I’d rather, you know… be busy serving Him. Oops… I guess “serving Him” means more doing what He deems right at the moment than it does fulfilling my agenda. Sigh. He’s always right… but that’s a good thing.

Rain… Jose Feliciano sang, “Listen to the Falling Rain, listen to it pour…” Well, maybe he’d been to Palawan. This is what we call “rainy season,” and, as you may guess, there is a very practical reason for that designation. It RAINS. A LOT. ALL THE TIME. We’ve had a few dozen inches in the last two months. The most was 6″ overnight once. Had one lunch time where it rained ONE INCH in…. less than 15 minutes. Good thing it didn’t rain like that all night. The river floods, the airstrip turns to mush, and the wonders of “solar power” get a little less wonderful. (“Solar” …of the sun …needs sunlight … get it? Yeah, of course you do.) One month of thick cloud cover and rain and your solar panels serve mostly to keep one patch of your roof dry, haha. Thank goodness for our little generator as a supplement.

Death… we had a young mother brought to us a few weeks ago. Writhing in pain on our porch. Her poor husband frantic, the kids staring first at mom then at us. Could we help medically. This one was way beyond our Palawano clinic workers… way beyond us, as well, but we have no one to pass the buck to. The plane was not available to fly her out to the hospital; but there was really no way to do that anyway. You can’t just send a jungle-dwelling Palawano to town and expect them to cope. Besides, it was too late. So often they wait until it’s too late, expecting us to perform a miracle after they’ve finally given up on being cured by the shaman. Sigh. Best we could do was determine her problem… ectopic pregnancy. It had probably already ruptured before they came to us, so she only lasted a few more hours. They left our house to spend the night nearby, but we heard the following day that she had died. So sad.

I found myself thinking a lot about the whole thing. I miss my kids, being way over here. But at least I will see them again. I, too, will die… someday, somehow. We all will. But I have hope in Christ.

And that’s why we’re here… getting God’s Word, his message of hope, into the Palawano language. Training Palawanos how to spread this message.

So what might be merely discouraging becomes, in God’s hands, a motivator. A reminder of the urgency of this task… and a reminder that it’s worth every bit of struggle.


About billdavisthoughts

From San Diego, CA. I've been a missionary and Bible translator in the Philippines for over 30 years and have travelled as a language learning consultant to 15 countries. I play piano and guitar. I write, read voraciously and love to work on word puzzles. Married for 35 years, we have two daughters and two grandchildren.
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