Under the Cloud

Rainy Season is Here
June is the muggiest month here… hot season meets rainy season” (= “sauna season”) but now the rains have really started.

We got 2″ during a single one-hour period last week. And today it’s been raining all day, the river is flooded and it feels a bit cooler. Ahhhhh. Rain can be so refreshing!

Of course today we were to have a supply flight, a coworker who was visiting us and discussing development of literacy primers in Palawano (she ministers in another village) was to fly out, and our partner Tim Sharp was to fly in to work on his house. Rain has a way of changing plans… especially on this island.

I was planning to write a while ago, and tell you about everything we were facing as we set up in here: We’ve had stifling heat, mid-90’s in the house). We’ve “cleansed our pores” with swelteringly high humidity. My gauge just spazzes out and says “high.” The gauge shows numbers up to 89%. Hmmmm…. I don’t know if it just can’t read above 90% or if it’s being kind and saying, “You don’t want to know!” Termites think this house is theirs and keep coming in from a million directions. We keep battling, unable to use the “big gun” insecticides, because of my asthma. We seem to have the upper hand now (I know termites don’t have hands, but you get it), but the war’s not over by any means. Plumbing leaks… dead electrical circuits (neglected for 5 years), etc., etc.

But since I delayed a bit in writing (too busy taking 5 showers a day, I guess) things have changed somewhat. Oh, the termites are still attacking, but the weather’s cooler, temporarily, at least. The harder rains are nice for that.

I’ve enjoyed lots of long chats with Abil, one of our main church leaders here. It’s so amazing and exciting to see how he has grown and continues to grow. He has such a passion for the Word, and his preaching shows it. We sit and talk and talk. He updates me on everything in the church and community, I’m getting lots of re-immersion in the language, learning new things (as always), and having a chance to share with him about various issues the church is facing here. He has so much wisdom, but still (perhaps because he’s wise), he seeks counsel, as well.

One thing he and other guys are thinking about is outreach. There are lots of unreached areas near and far. And they are finding out about small groups that have been abandoned (e.g. a missionary came, preached in Tagalog and left.) Sometimes these Palawanos are simply confused and want to hear the gospel clearly in their own language; sometimes they are truly saved, but only babes in the faith and desperately desiring to be taught. Either way, Abil and the guys want to shepherd them, as well.

Rain… a force to be reckoned with, and something which can be so refreshing. In the same way, the movement of God’s Spirit can change our plans (we are not “planning outreaches” but the Palawanos are now telling us how they feel led to reach out!) And wherever the Word of God goes, it refreshes those who drink of it.

So I feel all the more excited to be back here, discipling guys like Abil and working to see the New Testament published in Palawano…
   …so the church here can be refreshed
   …so the leaders here can grow faster and have more to share
   …so unreached areas can hear God’s message, in their own language

Pretty thrilling stuff… makes the life-in-the-sauna worth it all. Maybe not always pleasant… but worth it.


About billdavisthoughts

From San Diego, CA. I've been a missionary and Bible translator in the Philippines for over 30 years and have travelled as a language learning consultant to 15 countries. I play piano and guitar. I write, read voraciously and love to work on word puzzles. Married for 35 years, we have two daughters and two grandchildren.
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